Friday 2 November 2018

Top Good Stuff From The Ketogenic Lifestyle ..!!

Top Good Stuff From The Ketogenic Lifestyle ..!!

More than just having the potential to reverse type 2 diabetes, the ketogenic diet has multiple beneficial effects which I have listed below. This will be a good motivational booster or reminder during instances along the keto journey when the going gets tough and throwing in the towel becomes a somewhat palatable option. Don’t give up! These are the good things awaiting you at the end of the rainbow!

Natural hunger suppression

Like what has been elaborated previously, this feature of the keto diet comes in really handy when your goal is to achieve some weight loss. You can now do so without suffering from crazy hunger pangs.

Sustainable weight loss and maintenance

Another thing that has it going for the ketogenic diet is the fact that you practically do not have to watch out for any sudden weight rebounds or crazy weight gains if you keep on track with the diet. The mechanics of ketosis does not allow that to happen, and of course, we are talking about normal meals here, not seven or eight thousand calorie food plans which would definitely upset the weight loss process. You still can put on weight if you eat too much!

Clearer thoughts in the mind

Due to the neuroprotective benefits that ketones actually confer on the brain, one of the additional advantages of going keto would be experiencing a sharper and clearer mind. Thought processes are touched with more clarity, without the brain fog that is common for folks on processed carb-rich diets. Ketones burning more efficiently as fuel also contributes to this enhanced mental clarity.

Experience better and more stable moods

When the body enters ketosis, the ketones generated for energy also help with the balance between two neurotransmitters that govern the brain: GABA, also known as gamma-aminobutyric acid, as well as glutamate. GABA serves to calm the brain down, while glutamate acts as a stimulant for the cerebral system. The trick to a healthy and happy brain is to keep these two substances in correct balance, and ketones certainly help to achieve that end.

Improve energy levels and solve chronic fatigue

Instead of having roller coaster spikes in your energy levels, the ketone fueled body will allow you to
experience increased energy levels that stay more or less constant as long as you have your meals when hunger hits. Chronic fatigue also becomes a nonissue due to the elevated levels of energy. Even if the chronic fatigue is a symptom of other diseases, many find that though it does not go away entirely, the tiredness gets better on the keto diet.

Get your inflammation levels down

When you ensure that you have the adequate balance of omega-3 fats, these healthy polyunsaturated fats help to decrease the inflammatory response in the body system. This makes for good news to those who are suffering from chronic inflammatory diseases. Besides, the carb restriction would probably see your sugar intake coming way down, which will definitely help in reducing inflammation as well.

Lower your triglycerides reading

With a reduced carb intake, the level of triglycerides in the blood would automatically be lowered. Triglycerides form when we have excess calories, usually from carbs, so that the body can begin the process of storing the unrequired energy as fats. When the body is fueled predominantly by ketones and not by glucose, the need for producing triglycerides actually reduces due to the change in dietary habit. On keto, you eat when you are really hungry, and not because of wildly fluctuating blood sugar levels as well as the siren call of carbs.

Improve your lipid panel readouts

Going keto will usually see your HDL cholesterol going up while the LDL cholesterol levels will go the other direction. There may be some instances where you will see both HDL and LDL levels increase, resulting in an overall increase in cholesterol levels. Some folks have expressed concern on this matter and I would like to elaborate a little more on this. LDL and total cholesterol levels may become elevated for some who go on the ketogenic diet, but this should not totally freak you out! Think of it in this manner: if your body has been damaged metabolically through the years of eating processed and sugary carbs, the increase in cholesterol is actually a sign that the body is going through a healing cycle in order to normalize metabolic function. When the damage is largely repaired, LDL and total cholesterol levels tend to start tilting downward. Everyone’s body is different, and so too is the time taken for the repair to be effected. Some might see results in months, while others may need a year or two to get the optimal levels.

Less oxidative stress

The ketogenic diet is responsible for increasing the antioxidants present in the body, while also directly reducing the oxidation that is encountered by the body’s mitochondria. With boosted antioxidant activity whilst on the keto diet, free radicals tend to have a harder time in inflicting oxidative damage on our bodies. Less oxidation usually means that our cells and organs function better and enjoy a longer shelf life. This also means that there could be a chance to prolong our longevity, since oxidation, being one of the prime reasons behind aging, sees its activity being restrained to some extent while on the ketogenic diet.

These are only some of the benefits which you will get to enjoy when you go keto. I would have loved to put in more information, especially where the ketogenic diet has had positive effects on diseases like cancer, polycystic ovary syndrome, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, and neurodegenerative ailments like Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

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